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Thank you for visiting my home page on the internet. my goal is to provide you with information about residential, commercial and business investments properties. commitment to Excellence in service and years of extensive knowledge and experience will help you achieve your short term and long term Real Estate goals. my focus on honesty and integrity and always treating others, as you would want to be treated has been my guiding principles in my personal life and in real estate career, years of negotiation skills and customer service are the most basic principles of my Real Estate Business. Whether you're a buyer looking for a great deal on purchase of your new home or a seller looking for multiple offers and a bidding war on your property i will be there to handle even the most challenging transaction as smooth & as hassle free as possible for you.
Being Coachable and having the passion and burning desire to learn and serve resulted in hiring the most top coaches and mentors in the real estate industry worldwide over the years has supported me with continuous guidance and has introduced me to many of the cutting edge marketing ideas and systems i have  implemented to serve my clients better.
Being a multiple award winning Realtor, i have always been also committed to giving back to the community by donating part of my earned commission to the Children's Miracle Network, Cancer research and other charities.
Having been personally and economically satisfied with my career after serving  my clients for years with "Homelife" decided to broaden my skills by joined RE/MAX Atlantic Canada in 2005. I am proud to be associated with RE/MAX HALLMARK REALTY LTD BROKERAGE the Largest and Oldest Real Estate office in GTA with 10 Offices to serve our Valued Buyers and Sellers.
over the Years in my career i had Helped over 2700 families sell or buy their homes with seewt memories!
thank you for placing your trust in me,  Without you and your trust my success would not have been possible. Thanks for allowing me and my team to help you, your families and friends.



Want to know How not to sell a house?

September 21, 2017 - Updated: September 21, 2017



Want to know How not to sell a house?


Putting any property into the market can be nerve wrecking no matter how outstanding the property is. It is with consideration that you should make sure that you are aware of the various areas that you should keep of as far as selling your house is concerned in manner that does not make it harder for your house to sell. One of the most outstanding issue that makes a house difficult to sell would be bad odors.

Whether it is smell that is left behind after smoking a cigarette or even your pets, always make sure that you have found the means to get rid of the stench before taking on a client for viewing. The other factor that contributes to a house not selling would be dirty bathrooms that shows clear signs of negligence. Ensuring that your bathroom is not grimy and even well painted goes a long way in inspiring the potential buyer. Additionally, houses that infested by bugs such as roaches, spiders as well as other forms of insects act as a major turn off to buyers and it is for that reason why you must make sure that you have gotten rid of them before you have the potential buyers invited over for a house showing.


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Want to know how to sell your house - Explained

August 31, 2017 - Updated: August 31, 2017


Want to know how to sell your house - Explained


Selling a house could at time be a source of immense stress based on the fact that there very many factors that goes with being able to sell a house successfully in a manner you the sell feels satisfied with the outcome of the sale.


It is a proven fact that buyers are mostly interested in houses that have been put on the market, and that is the reason why you must ensure that you have sold your house as first as possible so as to prevent your listing growing stale. The very first step that makes it easy for you sell your house entails your ability, or rather the ability of the buyer’s agent you have tasked with selling your house being able to show the property well. This entails making sure that potential clients are able to see the property as place that could actually become their own home.


Removing personalized items contributes to this being a reality, as well as ensuring that you have committed to make few upgrades within the house. The other important area towards selling your house involves making sure that the house have been properly marketed to attract more potential clients. This entails having professional photographs of the house taken and the advertisement of the property on various online platforms.


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Real estate laws - Explained

August 10, 2017


Real estate laws - Explained


Basically, the term real estate makes reference to either the ownership or use of a particular piece of land. It is within the Real Estate Law, a branch of civil law, where a person’s right to possess, make use or even enjoy as well as put up permanent additions are all covered. 


Additionally, real estate law in very major ways affect very one of us in different parameters whether you are a private home owner, a landlord, a tenant, a home buyer or even a home seller and for this case, having the right kind of knowledge as far as real estate laws are concerned cannot be over emphasized. Different states all over the world have varied real estate laws and it is upon every estate to implement their distinct jurisdiction when it comes to land that falls within their own boarders.


The specific in real estate laws determines the various forms and as well as effects as far as the transfer of real estate property is concerned within that particular jurisdiction. Further, when it comes to both buying and selling of real estate property, it is the same laws that are implemented to make sure that the entire process has been conducted in a manner that adheres to the law so as to make that both parties are satisfied with the outcome of any given transaction.


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The Home Selling Process - Briefly Expalined

August 10, 2017 - Updated: August 10, 2017

The Home Selling Process - Briefly Expalined


Contrary what many people might assume when it comes to selling of a home, selling of a home is not a particularly easy endeavor. It entails very specific steps if not followed and followed to the letter might lead to huge losses being incurred by the home seller. 

Making the decision to sell a home is normally the very first step that marks the genesis of the entire home selling process. Secondly, making sure that you have engaged the services of a qualified agent with a credible track record as this is probably the most significant part of the entire process because it is their decisions that impacts the entire process. Additionally, it is through combined planning between you and your agent that you are able to work out a listing plan. Through the assessment of the value of your property based on its location, size, the time it had been developed, the selling price of your home is determined.


After an agreement between you and your agent is determined, you both sign it in the form of a contract that indicates exactly what is expected of each of the parties. The agent takes over the entire selling process with consultations from you, until he is able to settle on a buyer within the agreed price range that leads to the settlement day where upon the payment of the expected money leads to the seller relinquishing all the legal rights to the property.


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The home buying process - Briefly explained

July 26, 2017 - Updated: August 10, 2017


The home buying process - Briefly explained


The fact that buying a home is one of life’s major milestones means that home buyers must ensure that they have been able to go through the entire process of owning a home in the right way. So as to make this a reality, there are certain very specific steps that makes that the entire home buying process in a way that makes it possible for potential home buyers to acquire their home without many issues.

The very first step entails ensuring that you as a potential home owner have identified the kind of property that appeals to your taste, and must be within the budget that you have set up to go to your home. The second step involves consultations with the aim of making an offer to sow that you are indeed serious with the process of buying that particular home. The third step should be the engagement of professionals within the real estate sector.


A solicitor as well as a professional surveyor are able to go through the documents as well as the ground area of the property in a manner that enables them to be a position of advising you accordingly as far as buying of the said property is concerned. The last step overs the finalizing of the offer as well as the mortgage which is marked by exchange of contracts amongst other final steps.


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First-time homebuyer program

July 24, 2017


First-time homebuyer program


The only thing that could be said to be more important than being able to choose the right home for a first time homebuyer would be the kind of plan that they settle for I order for them to be able acquire that home. It is for this reason that having the right tools and resources for them to be able to ask the right questions every step in their home owning journey is as essential.

As a first home owner, the very step must entail ensuring that you have identified the in a manner that is based on priorities what it is you would like your home to meet. The second step must be ensuring that you have identified the budget that you intend to go into the entire process of your acquiring your home. With this two very essential steps in place, looking at the various home payments options that are available for you are the next natural steps for you in terms of being able to acquire your first home. In case you plan to acquire your home through credit, making sure that you have done thorough research with the goal of finding the right mortgage from different lenders ensures that you are able to compare your options from these lenders and are eventually able to settle on the right one.


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Decorating Ideas

July 13, 2017

Decorating Ideas


Whether a first time decorator or someone who considers themselves with decorating various spaces, there are certain elements when it comes to details in decorating that could be applied across the board. The very first point you should consider when it comes to decorating your spaces is that, you must always ensure that it has been done in a manner that depicts outstanding personalized decorative accents in the sort of details you decide upon.


Always ensure that all the decorative pieces and colors you plan to get into your space work together in harmony to present your style. The other thing that you must ensure you have considered when it comes to decorating is the fact that, as much as you might want to use a variety of colors, texture amongst other elements, ensuring that there is some sort of connection amongst all the decorative pieces create some sort of connection as this is where the aesthetic value of a well-executed decorative endeavor is seen.


Finally, use of props that are considered to promote certain elements of a space such as mirrors and other forms of art that contribute in giving the space improved features. For instance, well placed mirrors in a space give an illusion of bigger space.


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Historical & current market values & how they impact buyers

June 19, 2017


Historical & current market values & how they impact buyers


Whether one is a first tie home owner or an experienced real estate investor, there are factors that one must ensure that they have been able to consistently follow every single time one wants to make a real estate investment decision.


One of these factors would be the fact that, a buyer must always bear in mind that the functionality and the style of their proposed purchases normally have very real impact of their purchases and therefore, it should be something that is looked into with the sort of depth that it deserves in relation to both the past real estate market performance as well as the current markets.


One such factor have always been about the location of the given property. What this essentially means is that, no matter the timing, a real estate property that is strategically position always have a very strong impact on the value that is associated with the property.


Other factors such as the physical structure of a real estate property might over time depreciate, but the land upon which the property is built on continues to appreciate over time. Therefore, no matter the time, past or present, the location of a property overrides every other factor.


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Appreciation rates by property type in your area

June 7, 2017


Appreciation rates by property type in your area


The curb appeal that is possessed by a real estate property goes a long way in contributing to its appreciation rate. As much as other factors such as location are important, the way a property appears, based on the type that it was built to comply with contributes to up to 10% appreciation rates more than property types that are not considered to be appealing.


The strength of this argument is based on observation that, if a house type is not considered to be appealing by potential buyers, they will not even bother to get inside to see what the house is all about. It is therefore important for you to make sure that over everything else, making sure that your house looks good enough on the outside in a manner that will inspire many buyers wanting to purchase it, raising the competition levels and consequently appreciated rates for your house.


Making the right selection of the type of property to invest could clearly be the difference between if you are able to purchase a property that appreciates or one that does not. Therefore, whenever you purchase any property, make sure that it is one that appeals to the masses as this will directly impact its value in the future.



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Various Types of Loans

June 6, 2017

Various Types of Loans


There are various types of loans that are offered by financial institutions with the aim of making it possible for you to be able to own a home regardless of your current financial standing. One such loan would be the FHA Choice Loan which is a lending program that is aimed at ensuring that borrowers are able to borrow money to fund their home ownership despite their less than perfect credit performance.

The VA home loan is a credit facility that have been developed with the millions of veterans and the military families in  mind so as to assist them be able to own homes. This loan facility makes it possible for these families to be able to own homes any time that they are forced to move to new areas following the deployment of the veteran member of the family.


Another type of loan that is available especially for modern home buyers would be the Mortgage +Plus loan facility that offers home buyer freedom and stability while purchasing their homes. Mortgage +Plus loan facility makes it possible for home owners to buy homes of their dreams along with the corresponding mortgage and the required down payment which is refundable upon ones desire to move, even if the property sale have incurred losses.


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