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Make your move easier

December 3, 2015 - Updated: December 3, 2015

Make your move easier

As far as domestic chores go, moving is like deep-cleaning the refrigerator, organizing the closets and clearing out the garage in one fell swoop — not a simple task. But that doesn't mean it can't be easier.

We're here to help. We've acquired our moving expertise the hard way – by doing, again and again and again – and have compiled our best tips for making it easier, as well as the tried-and-true methods for how to pack so both you and your belongings will get to your destination in one piece.

Make a moving checklist.
We guarantee that moving will take longer than you think it will, no matter how organized you are. Packing is
 one thing, but there are so many little things to remember and arrange.  Use a clipboard to make writing easier, and to keep it from getting thrown away or packed.

Purge & pack.
For us, the silver lining in the moving funnel cloud is that it's an opportunity to edit. Moving into a new place can really feel like a fresh start when you've shed that pile of tee-shirts from college, not to mention the futon that was actually improved that time the cat peed on it.

Start early so you can go through all your closets, your kitchen and even your furniture, choosing which to offer to friends, which to bring to charity, and which should just go to the curb. Some charitable organizations offer pickup service, so you can have them whisk it all away before you even start to pack for moving.

Make an essentials box.
While you're grabbing the standard cardboard moving boxes and packing tape, pick up clear plastic bin or two to contain the things you'll need first thing when you're unpacking. We recommend a clear box for easy identification, and to keep it as a special last-in, first-out package.

What should you include? Need-'em-now essentials like: toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, hand soap or sanitizer, phone chargers, coffee (hello!), disposable cups and plates for the first couple of meals, toothbrushes and other personal-care items, a flashlight, power strips, and a couple standard screwdrivers. If you really want to make Future You happy, include a towel and shampoo so you can have a real shower after a long day of moving, without tearing through a million boxes in search of toiletries.

Plastic wrap.
Nothing used to annoy us more about moving than emptying drawers only to put their contents in (yet more) boxes. So we started swaddling those babies in plastic wrap; everything inside stays intact, and we don't have to fill another box. Bonus: removing the drawers also makes dressers much lighter to carry.

Plastic wrap also really comes in handy when you're packing up the kitchen and your toiletries: Remove the caps from bottles of oils and vinegars or shampoos and moisturizers, lay a square of plastic wrap over the bottle opening, and replace the caps. This will prevent any devastating (or just greasy) leaks.

Pack organized and color code your boxes:

If possible, each box should only contain items from a single room, so once you unload the boxes in the appropriate area of your new home, you don't have to move them again till they're empty. Make it easy for anyone who is helping you unload the truck by color-coding the room labels – blue is for bedroom, yellow is for kitchen, etc.


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